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Automating Brand Ambassadors

Technology can take the voice of your brand ambassador and make it say anything you want. It can even take the recording of that executive or celebrity and translate i...

How to Sell Your Brand on a Podcast

How do you engage the audience without sounding like a turn-off advertorial? Delving into the art of this today is psychologist, best-selling international author, spe...

Content Strategy for Your Podcast

In an ever growing market just how beneficial can launching a podcast be to your business or brand? With a well thought out strategy the world is your oyster and the c...

How to Promote a Podcast

Simply having a social media presence for your podcast is not enough. A strong content and brand strategy will help you get further, faster.

Podcast Studio Design

Multi-award winning presenter and producer Adrian Kennedy has struck out from his massively popular talk show on 98FM to be his own boss with his own podcast. The jour...

What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

You will be amazed with the gamut of things a producer brings to improve a podcast.

Who Should Present Your Podcast?

Should you do-it-yourself with a company CEO or spokesperson, or hire a professional host?

How to Make a Podcast Sound Professional

While audio quality is obviously important, content, flow and presentation will also give your podcast that professional broadcast quality sound.